3 ways the Chicago White Sox were embarrassing on Monday

The first base coach could not be found to start the bottom of the eighth. The Sox are not putting Eloy Jimenez on the IL and they re-signed Mike Clevinger.
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2) The White Sox are going to play shorthanded with Eloy Jimenez being day-to-day.

Death, taxes, and Eloy getting injured are three things you can be certain about in life. He left Sunday's game with a strained adductor muscle.

Manager Pedro Grifol provided an update on Jimenez' injury after the game. Since Eloy is day-to-day, the team will play with a 25-man roster until he feels better.

If you feel like the Sox have done this before, well, it is because they have. Last year, they constantly played a few games down a man with an injury because of the day-to-day status. Usually day-to-day meant a week. It is a 10-day IL now along with it being early in the season. It makes no sense to play go without even the maximum number of pinch hitters available.

What would have made sense is putting Eloy on the injured list to heal up 100% and call up someone to at least provide some cover on the bench.

Now, it is not the end of the world since most games are not going deep into extra innings. Still, the look is not good as Jimenez is usually always hurt. It is better to not rush him back so early in the season since there is a high likelihood he will get injured again.