3 ways the Chicago White Sox were embarrassing on Monday

The first base coach could not be found to start the bottom of the eighth. The Sox are not putting Eloy Jimenez on the IL and they re-signed Mike Clevinger.

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3) The White Sox re-signed Mike Clevinger.

The Sox are bringing back their most reliable starting pitcher from 2023. It is not a terrible idea since if he can stay healthy, he can eat up some innings this season.

The problem with his re-signing is first, it means rookie Nick Nastrini, who earned a rotation spot with a good spring training, is probably not going to be the full-time fifth starter. This is a rebuilding season, so it makes sense to give the team's 8th-best, and closest to being big-league-ready pitching prospect a shot to see what he can do.

The second problem is the Sox are bringing back a player that nobody else wants.

Clevinger was put on waivers last August and no one claimed him despite his strong 2023 season. Part of the reason was no team wanted to claim his remaining salary and buyout that came with his mutual option. The other part could be he has been known to be a clubhouse problem. He also had domestic violence allegations last offseason. MLB investigated this and chose not to suspend him.

Clevinger declined his part of a $12 million mutual option for this season and again, no other team signed him.

The Sox seem to be the only team that values Mike Clevinger. It is strange since the focus of the new front office regime is to make sure the clubhouse chemistry is good. Now there were no reported issues of Clevinger being one of the toxic players in last year's mess of a clubhouse and Grifol wanted him back.

It is just the look is not good as general manager Chris Getz emphasized character this offseason and then brought back a pitcher with a checkered past.

Hey, when it comes to how things are perceived, the White Sox have never cared. That is a big reason why they continue to be an embarrassment.

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