3 White Sox free agents who will leave and 2 who will return in 2024

San Diego Padres v Chicago White Sox
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The Chicago White Sox are not a good team so some big decisions are looming in the off-season. There are two different directions that they can go with things depending on where Chris Getz thinks that they should go.

It seems like he thinks that they are going to try and compete next year. We're not here to tell you that is the right decision but it is likely to be the decision nonetheless.

Winning in 2024 doesn't feel likely but they are going to try. Will it be the third straight season in which it fails? Probably. Regardless, it shouldn't be too hard to be better than they were in 2023.

Whose fault was it that they were this bad in 2023? Well, the answer is not that easy to come up with. You can say it all starts at the top with Jerry Reinsdorf because people have to be held accountable if they don't do their jobs right.

The Chicago White Sox had a lot of issues with their team in 2023.

You can also get on Jerry for always making sure that the wrong people are hired. Chris Getz hasn't really started yet despite everything assuming he will fail. Rick Hahn, Kenny Williams, and Pedro Grifol were all terrible at their jobs. Hahn and Williams are already gone but we'll see about Grifol.

The players also deserve some blame. Most of them did not live up to what they were supposed to be in 2023. A lot of them have a lot of work to do if they want to have good long Major League careers.

Some players on this team are going to return and some are going to stay. These are the free agents that will leave and the ones that will stay: