3 White Sox infielders to trade before spring training begins

Los Angeles Dodgers v Chicago White Sox
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Gavin Sheets

Gavin Sheets could be useful in a trade to make the White Sox better.

Gavin Sheets and Jake Burger have both had similar production at the AAA and MLB levels since the 2021 season started. The tiebreaker in the favor of Sheets seems to be that he is a left-handed hitter. That allowed him to be a somewhat big part of what the White Sox are doing offensively.

Unfortunately, the White Sox have a lot of players that play the outfield at a subpar level, play first base, and are a designated-hitter all at once. Sheets fits into that group which might cost him some playing time with this team. That is not a negative on him and his strengths, the White Sox just have a few too many players like him.

Jose Abreu is already out the door but he was the most valuable of all the players that fit into that role. He has been an MVP in the American League and one of the most consistent hitters in the entire league. Seeing Sheets leave would be tough but not like the loss of Jose Abreu.

Trading a left handed power bat that can play some first base and outfield might get the White Sox at least a little something in return. That might intrigue a team that has a surplus of something the White Sox need but might be lacking some power. It is something to consider for Rick Hahn.