3 White Sox infielders to trade before spring training begins

Los Angeles Dodgers v Chicago White Sox
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Lenyn Sosa

Trading Lenyn Sosa could really help the White Sox grow the roster.

The Chicago White Sox have been searching for a second baseman for a long time now. They thought it might be Nick Madrigal but they sent him to the Chicago Cubs in a trade for Craig Kimbrel. Because of that, they never got to see if he was going to be the second baseman of the future.

Now, after the disappointing year that was 2022, they are still looking for someone to fill in that spot for the long term. Unfortunately, their plan for the position in 2023 isn't one that makes anyone super excited about it.

The plan is for Romy Gonzalez to be the second baseman and Lenyn Sosa is going to be the backup. Both of them have a fair amount of potential but nothing that makes anyone think they will steal the job at that position in the long term.

Sosa's potential should make other teams consider taking a chance on him, especially if they are rebuilding. The White Sox might be able to get a second baseman worth being excited about if they include Sosa in a larger package. The Miami Marlins come to mind here.

The White Sox might not end up doing what they said they were going to do (improve move before spring training) but moving one of these infielders is something to consider.

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