3 White Sox mistakes that fans want to see Chris Getz clean up

Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox
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3. Oscar Colas

The Chicago White Sox need to really get Oscar Colas going in 2024.

The Chicago White Sox wanted to see Oscar Colas have a great season at the Major League level. As their former number-two prospect in the system, he was unable to hit the ground running as he started his career in the big leagues.

The White Sox had him make the team out of camp because he was pretty good in spring training. He didn't have the best start so they just sent him down to AAA.

Prospects might need some time to develop in MLB but the White Sox just sent him down right away. Why not just have him start the year in AAA if his leash is so short? Now, we just have to hope that his development isn't too messed up.

It is on Chris Getz to do some damage control here. Colas has a lot of talent but the White Sox need to make a decision with him. If he starts next season, he needs to stay next season.

Getz is (we hope) smart enough to know that he can't keep playing games with this kid. It is one of his biggest priorities this off-season. Hopefully, all of these things happen and they are able to play well in 2024.

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