3 White Sox off-season additions we should already be concerned about

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2. Mike Clevinger

Mike Clevinger has been a worry for the White Sox since he signed.

The Chicago White Sox let Johnny Cueto walk after 2022 which might have been a mistake. They opted to sign Mike Clevinger instead who has just been a disaster for them already and the season hasn't even started yet.

He got off to a bad start with his White Sox tenure as it came out that he is being investigated by the league for some serious off-the-field domestic issues. It came out that he won't face any discipline for his actions but you never know what that actually means.

He hasn't had a good spring training on the field either which makes you wonder why this team is taking on this headache of a player. He better find a way to improve otherwise things aren't going to go smoothly for him or the team in 2023.

It is fair to already be worried about him as a fan. His character off the field is questionable and he hasn't even been that good.