3 White Sox off-season additions we should already be concerned about

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3. Hanser Alberto

Hanser Albert surprisingly made the White Sox roster out of camp.

The Chicago White Sox are not going to have Leury Garcia on the roster to start 2023 which is great news. No disrespect to him but he just wasn't a player that had any business being on this team anymore.

The problem is that they replaced him with Hanser Alberto. A lot of people are going to be excited about Alberto because he was so good during spring training. If he was as good during spring training in the regular season, he'd be in the MVP conversations.

The problem is that no way will happen. In fact, he has a much better chance of being as productive (if not worse) than Leury Garcia. Having him on the Opening Day roster is very concerning. You don't just magically become a good MLB player at 30 years old.

He might be hot to start the year but don't think it will last. All we can hope is that they don't rely on him too much because he won't deliver.

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