3 White Sox pitchers that must be traded as soon as possible

The Chicago White Sox need to make some moves. Trading a few pitchers would really help.
Tampa Bay Rays v Chicago White Sox
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The Chicago White Sox should trade Garrett Crochet as soon as they can

Garrett Crochet has been incredible for the Chicago White Sox this season. He was a first-round pick back in 2021 but injuries and the way baseball was in 2020 made the start to his career a bit unusual. 

He is finally a starting pitcher here in 2024 after years of being a reliever in the big leagues. Considering he played in college and was drafted as a starter, this isn’t all that surprising. After earning the Opening Day start back in March, he has lived up to it. 

The White Sox should want to move on from Crochet before he ever starts to be hurt or pitch poorly again. His window probably doesn't fit their window anymore and a contender would certainly love to add an arm like that.

If Crochet went to a winning team, he has the ceiling of a guy that could be a wonderful number two but if he ended up as someone's high-end number four or five, everybody is winning. You'd assume a team like that could win the World Series.

For the sake of everyone involved, assuming the White Sox get a nice return, it is a great idea for them to consider.