3 White Sox pitchers that must be traded as soon as possible

The Chicago White Sox need to make some moves. Trading a few pitchers would really help.
Tampa Bay Rays v Chicago White Sox
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It is sad but Michael Kopech's time is coming to an end in Chicago

There was a lot of hope for Michael Kopech when it came to his trade to the Chicago White Sox organization.

He was a world-class prospect when the Boston Red Sox sent him there in the Chris Sale trade. Injuries and off-the-field stuff have led to a stunt in his development.

He is a very good pitcher but he never became that Cy Young Caliber pitcher that we thought he might when he was first acquired.

Instead, he is a great reliever that could be highly touted ahead of the trade deadline. The sooner the Sox make a move like that, the better a return could be.

It isn't fun to think about Kopech not working out in Chicago but it seems to be the direction that they will go in eventually. Hopefully, they get to a time where they keep good pitchers instead of trading them again soon.