3 White Sox pitchers that could be the Opening Day starter now that Cease is gone

Who is going to start for the Chicago White Sox on Opening Day with Dylan Cease gone?

Chicago White Sox v Washington Nationals
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Starting Garrett Crochet on Opening Day would be awesome for the fans

The Chicago White Sox made Garrett Crochet 11th overall in the 2020 MLB Draft. Since then, he was promoted a bit early, dealt with some injuries, and mostly pitched well when he was healthy.

It has been a wild ride for him but now he is dominating in spring training. He looks like the guy that the White Sox drafted in the early stages of that 2020 draft.

Now, it would make a lot of sense to see him start on Opening Day. He hasn't started an MLB game yet as it has mostly been relief appearances but he was drafted out of college as a starter.

They probably don't have the courage as an organization to let him be the starter but he should. With the way that he has pitched in spring training, he has earned it.

There are no winning expectations on the White Sox this season so they should be doing what they can to see what they have in certain players. Letting Crochet do this would be a fine example of that.