3 White Sox pitchers to trade before spring training begins

Chicago White Sox v Baltimore Orioles
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Garrett Crochet

Garrett Crochet would make a great addition for a lot of MLB teams.

Garrett Crochet could end up being a big piece for the Chicago White Sox at this point. They could be interested in him becoming a full-time starter, a bullpen piece, or even some kind of hybrid. As a former first-round pick, the sky is the limit for this guy.

The only problem is health. He had a scare at the end of the 2020 season but he ended up being a full-time bullpen piece for the entire 2021 season. He was very effective in that role. However, he needed to have Tommy John surgery right before the 2022 season started.

it was a hard thing for the White Sox to deal with. In fact, they didn't deal with it very well as their bullpen wasn't nearly as strong as we would have thought before Crochet's injury.

Now, it might be worth it to explore trading Crochet if something valuable is presented to them. If they can address second base with a high-level player, moving Crochet might be worth it. If it meant that Jazz Chisholm or Gleyber Torres were coming to town, you make that move right away.

It wouldn't be easy to move on from a player this talented but their window to win is now and they might need to make a bold move like that sooner rather than later.