3 White Sox players that won't be back in 2024

Chicago White Sox v Washington Nationals
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3. Mike Clevinger

The White Sox should do what they can to keep Mike Clevinger away.

Mike Clevinger is not considered to be a man of good character away from the baseball field. He has become a distraction because of other things that have taken place. That includes this past off-season's investigation for some pretty serious issues.

He then went on and had a pretty good year for the White Sox. On a team with mostly bad pitching, he was a bright spot. It was tough to watch him play so well knowing that it wasn't going to last and that the White Sox wouldn't want to keep him after 2023.

He has a mutual option for 2024 so he and the White Sox would have to agree on it. Of course, the White Sox can make it clear that they don't want to bring him back.

Why wouldn't Clevinger want to pitch for a contender either? There are plenty of teams that have a chance to win that would love to add him. Obviously, it will be interesting to see where he (and everyone on this list) ends up.

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