3 White Sox players that must be DFA'd before September ends

Kansas City Royals v Chicago White Sox
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The Chicago White Sox are just trying to get through September as they head into an off-season that should see some big changes for them. This season has obviously been a massive disappointment. 

Chris Getz is the newly hired GM and he is ready to take his chance and run with it. Not many have faith so he is going to have to tune out the outside noise that has been coming with his new promotion. 

It will be hard for him to be much worse than Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams who were in his chair before being let go. There are a lot of things that Getz needs to get done before the 2024 season begins. 

Part of that is going to be removing players from this team that just don’t help them. There are a few guys that don’t do what need to do and they need to go. In fact, it wouldn’t hurt the team to let them go right now. These are the three players that the White Sox should DFA right now: 

1. Aaron Bummer

The Chicago White Sox should let go of Aaron Bummer ASAP.

The signs pointed to Aaron Bummer's decline about halfway through the 2022 season but people didn't want to believe it. He went from being one of the best relievers in the league to someone who couldn't avoid giving up multiple runs per appearance.

Now, it is time for the Chicago White Sox to pull the plug on this relationship. There is no reason for him to be in there anymore. It isn't good for the team and it isn't good for the player. He needs to be freed of this team so he can move on.

Bummer will find a new job and be better for it. There are plenty of teams out there who can fix him but the White Sox are not one of them. He should be DFA'd right now.