3 White Sox players that must be DFA'd before September ends

Kansas City Royals v Chicago White Sox
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3. Elvis Andrus

The Chicago White Sox should have DFA'd Elvis Andrus a while ago.

Elvis Andrus has been a great Major League Baseball player. That included the second half of the 2022 season when he was one of the bright spots on this Chicago White Sox team.

He went the entire offseason without knowing what organization was going to pick him up. He ended up just coming right back to the Chicago White Sox. It felt like a great move at the time but that just goes to show how bad the front office associated with this team is/was.

Andrus turned out to be a pretty terrible signing for the Sox. There are better players that they could have had if they were smart/not cheap but this is the result of the cheapness.

You get Andrus instead of guys like Marcus Semien or any of the other great second basemen out there over the last handful of years. It is a shame to watch at some points.

The White Sox should cut their ties with Andrus right now. It would be much better to let the younger guys play more than having him in the lineup playing poorly. He doesn't provide much to the team and should be gone.

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