3 White Sox players that won't last until September 1

Chicago White Sox v Colorado Rockies
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3. Tanner Banks

The Chicago White Sox don't need Tanner Banks anymore.

Tanner Banks was a great story at the beginning of 2022. He came in and won a job in the bullpen as there was a need for a lefty.

At 30 years old, he finally was able to make his Major League debut. It was nice for him while it lasted but the White Sox can give it up now.

Being worried about handedness has clearly not worked out for the White Sox over the course of the rebuild.

The Sox should be getting others a chance and that unfortunately should mean the end of the road in Chicago for Tanner Banks.

In 45.2 innings pitched, Banks has an ERA of 5.52. Obviously, that is not good and key reason why the White Sox have such a terrible team ERA. Banks should not be there anymore.

The White Sox have tons of moves that they need to make. If these three do somehow make it past the end of August, they certainly won't be on the team in 2024. If they are, this team isn't competing for anything.

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