3 White Sox players that should be cut before August arrives

Texas Rangers v Chicago White Sox
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2. Elvis Andrus

Elvis Andrus doesn't need to be with the Chicago White Sox anymore.

The Chicago White Sox signed Elvis Andrus at the end of 2022 to replace Tim Anderson who was out for the year. He did amazing things for them when they really needed it.

Although it wasn’t enough, they loved what they got from him as an individual. So much so that they signed him once again late in the off-season. 

The idea was to have Andrus help out with second base and play shortstop on Anderson’s off days. Unfortunately, Andrus has been pretty bad this year. It has been nothing close to what he was at the end of 2022.

If the White Sox were to cut Andrus right now, there is a chance that not a single team would consider it. That is a sign that the White Sox should move on.

There are plenty of other players on the roster and in the organization that would be better for the team at second base. They can’t get much worse than Andrus but at least the future ceiling is higher.