3 White Sox players that should be cut before August arrives

Texas Rangers v Chicago White Sox
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3. Bryan Shaw

Bryan Shaw has no business with the Chicago White Sox right now.

The Chicago White Sox should absolutely let Bryan Shaw go right now. He is someone that should not be on the team’s active roster at all. 

This is the type of thing that makes the White Sox look like a team that isn’t serious about the product on the field. If they did, they wouldn’t have a 35-year-old with an 11+ ERA on the roster. 

Yes, there are injuries. Does that mean that there isn’t anybody in the minors right now that could do better than a 35-year-old bad pitcher? No, that should not be a bought theory by White Sox fans. 

It isn’t fun to talk about players getting cut. However, when you are as bad as the White Sox are right now, it must be done. This is a team that needs to start making moves to better their organization. 

If the White Sox are really going to make big trades involving big players, then the best young talent should be coming up to show what they’ve got. These older players that don’t play well anymore should be filtered out. 

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