3 White Sox players that still may not survive the trade deadline

Chicago Cubs v Chicago White Sox
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Aaron Bummer

Aaron Bummer is a left handed pitcher that the White Sox can trade.

The Chicago White Sox haven't seen Aaron Bummer have a great year. There has been a lot of bad luck involved with his tough numbers but nobody on the team could benefit from a change of scenery more than him.

There might be teams interested in him. His advanced statistics suggest that some better luck and a good defense could help him.

He is also someone that is a left handed pitcher which is valuable for teams playing matchup games when the playoffs come around.

It is a shame that this has become of Aaron Bummer's career. He was once seen as a top reliever in baseball and the White Sox have let that slip away.

Being sellers is never fun. This team is not good and it is going to take a long time for them to get back on track. Moving some of these guys could really help their future.

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