3 White Sox players that need to step up for this team to get better

Chicago White Sox v Pittsburgh Pirates
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3. Lance Lynn

The White Sox need Lance Lynn to step up big the rest of the way.

Like Lucas Giolito, the Chicago White Sox need Lance Lynn to pitch better. He hasn't been as bad as Giolito lately but he still hasn't been the Lance Lynn that has shown the ability to take over games.

Lynn was good once he started to settle in last year but we all know he can be better. If he isn't really good going forward, the team is going to have even more problems than they already have. Based on the early going, it is obvious that he needs to get better soon.

So far this season, Lynn is a negative WAR player with his 7.31 ERA and 1.625 WHIP. That is not going to cut it for a team trying to win.

When Lynn is at his best, he is someone that can use his attitude in addition to his play to help this team win baseball games. He has a fiery personality that can make everyone around him want to be at their best.

All three of these guys make a lot of money and haven't been at their best lately. If the White Sox are going to be a good team this year (so far they are not), they need them to get back to the form that we know they have had in the past.

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