3 White Sox players that should be traded before February but won't be

The Chicago White Sox should be making some big moves but they won't.
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The Chicago White Sox need to get rid of Dylan Cease

The Chicago White Sox have been involved in many rumors over this current offseason. One of the biggest ones is their upcoming decision on Dylan Cease

Cease was an elite pitcher in 2022 as he came in second place for the American League Cy Young. He then came back down to earth in 2023. He wasn’t terrible by any means but he was far from the stud that he was a year prior. 

It probably would have been wise for the White Sox to trade him last season but they failed to do so. His value is decreasing right now, especially with a new season on the horizon. 

Cease will be the Opening Day starter if they bring him back. The White Sox should be selling him before he has another letdown season in 2024. The hope that he will be elite might make another team overpay.

This team is going to be terrible so it would be hard to watch him unmotivated. He deserves to have a chance to pitch well on a good team. He should have already been traded but it’s not too late.