3 White Sox players that should be traded before February but won't be

The Chicago White Sox should be making some big moves but they won't.
Arizona Diamondbacks v Chicago White Sox
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The Chicago White Sox need to trade Gavin Sheets if they can

Gavin Sheets can hit home runs. There is no doubt that he is a powerful left-handed bat. That will always make him an attractive piece as teams love that. 

He is never going to be a star with the White Sox. They force him to play the outfield and it isn’t a good look. It doesn’t make him feel good about himself and it isn’t smart from a strategy standpoint. 

If Sheets went to another team, you can expect him to find a role that gets the most out of his talent. They wouldn’t force him into situations that he doesn’t have the tools to handle. 

Sheets might not get the White Sox a lot in return but something is better than nothing. A contender might even consider overpaying for someone to come hit dingers from the left side. 

It has been fun watching Sheets progress enough to make an impact at the MLB level but the White Sox need to finally move on from him. It is far from his fault.