3 White Sox players the fans have already lost their patience with

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3. Elvis Andrus

Elvis Andrus is not playing all that well with the Chicago White Sox.

To end 2022, Elvis Andrus was awesome with the Chicago White Sox. He did a lot of things well as he came in late in August.

Tim Anderson was out at that point so Andrus was playing shortstop for the Sox during that stretch. So far this year, he has played both shortstop and second base. Regardless of his defensive position, however, his bat has just been terrible.

Andrus isn't expected to be a great player at this point in his career but he can be better than being a negative WAR player. The White Sox need more from him. He is on the IL himself now for ten days so maybe he can come back refreshed and ready to go.

Andrus also represents a big problem for the White Sox. They didn't want to spend the money to make a good enough upgrade at second base so they went with the cheap option. Fans loved the deal because they knew it was the best they were going to get but this whole thing is terrible.

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