3 White Sox players to DFA right after the trade deadline

Cleveland Guardians v Chicago White Sox
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2. Elvis Andrus

Elvis Andrus should be DFA'd by the Chicago White Sox right now.

It seemed like bringing back Elvis Andrus was going to be a great idea. He was great for the White Sox when they picked him up at the end of the 2022 season and they needed someone to play second base this year.

Unfortunately, Andrus has not been able to retain that magic that he had when he first came to the White Sox. In fact, he has been horrible.

There are plenty of other people in the organization more fit to play second base and shortstop for them going forward.

Andrus will always be remembered as a good player in his career. He was also very willing to try his best to help the White Sox at the end which is incredibly admirable.

They just don't need to have him on the roster anymore. There are other people more deserving at this stage of the game.