3 White Sox players to DFA right after the trade deadline

Cleveland Guardians v Chicago White Sox
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3. Aaron Bummer

The Chicago White Sox used to see Aaron Bummer as one of the best relief pitchers in all of Major League Baseball.

He earned the contract that he got. Unfortunately, they are not fit to have a pitcher like him on the roster. Here we are in August and Bummer has not given up a home run yet.

However, his ERA is through the roof. That is because the defense behind him doesn't play well enough to take advantage of his insane ground ball rate.

Bummer certainly hasn't been perfect either but he definitely has good stuff. Another team would help him take full advantage of that ability.

He is hurting the White Sox and his own career by being there. That is why they should DFA him now that the trade deadline has come and gone.

If he went to another team right away, you'd see him dominate. It is hard to cut a guy like that but he isn't helping the White Sox. They could get other pitchers in there instead of wasting their time with him.

It is tough to be talking about DFAing players in August but that is the situation that the White Sox have put themselves in.

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