3 White Sox players to trade following spring training

Chicago White Sox v Arizona Diamondbacks
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2. Jake Burger

Jake Burger has been a sensational hitter so far during spring training.

The Chicago White Sox knew that they were drafting a very good hitter when they took Jake Burger in the first round all those years ago. He is now showing why at the major league level.

Unfortunately, a bunch of things happened with the organization while he was recovering from his injuries and players have passed him by.

Burger is now a fantastic hitter that can drive baseballs at the Major League level but there isn't a lot of room for him on this White Sox team.

He certainly won't be playing third base over Yoan Moncada (although his bat has been significantly better) and the DH spot has been a bit of a cluster over the last few years.

If the White Sox can get a nice return for him, which they probably could, they should consider it. As nice as it would be to see the Sox better their organization, it would be just as cool to see Burger thrive in an MLB system that uses him more.