3 White Sox players to trade following spring training

Chicago White Sox v Arizona Diamondbacks
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3. Gavin Sheets

Gavin Sheets would make a lot more sense for other teams in the league.

The Chicago White Sox did a good job developing Gavin Sheets and his very nice hitting ability. He deserves to be on a Major League roster. He also deserves to be starting in a lot of games each year.

The Chicago White Sox don't have enough room for him to play every day if they want Oscar Colas to be the right fielder. He is a natural at that position and Sheets is a first base by nature. That could be the tie breaker when making the Opening Day starting lineup.

Sheets has been a productive player so teams would want to grab him if the price is right. The White Sox should consider it if someone comes calling before the season. Like Burger, the situation of the team could impact him and his playing time.

Hopefully, regardless of what happens, this team makes the right decisions that will help them not only now but for the forseeable future. If trading any of these guys helps them in thier careers as well, it would be nice to see.

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