3 White Sox players who are playing their way out of 2024 plans

Milwaukee Brewers v Chicago White Sox
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3. Yoan Moncada

The White Sox should not be planning anything around Yoan Moncada.

The White Sox have not gotten what they needed from Yoan Moncada. He was the number one prospect in the league when they acquired him in the Chris Sale trade.

Of course, that deal led to a World Series for the Red Sox and the White Sox got nothing. It is really sad to see what has become of Yoan Moncada.

He has had some injury trouble in his career but he has also mostly just been terrible. It doesn't seem like he cares that much about being great and has not lived up to his potential.

The White Sox should not continue to act like he is finally going to turn it on anymore. He has not done anything this year to guarantee a starting role next year. He has simply played his way out of the plans.

They may find it hard to cut or trade him for money-related reasons but they don't have to use him anymore. That is a lot of money to give a bench player but if it makes the White Sox a better team, who cares?

All of these guys have talent but the White Sox haven't seen it enough to warrant a future anymore. Hopefully, changes like this are actually made in the off-season.

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