3 White Sox players who are succeeding and two who are failing

Houston Astros v Chicago White Sox
Houston Astros v Chicago White Sox / Quinn Harris/GettyImages
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1. Failing - Dylan Cease

Dylan Cease is sort of failing the White Sox at this moment in time.

The Chicago White Sox are in desperate need of 2022's version of Dylan Cease. If they had that version of him right now, they'd probably be in a much better spot when it comes to the race in the division.

Cease hasn't been terrible but he hasn't been good by his standards and that is a failure. Cease should not have an ERA over four with the stuff he has. That is a failure.

Of everyone on the White Sox, however, he has the most value because of how dominant he was in 2022. There are pitchers on this team doing worse than him but they don't have the expectations that he has.

They might consider trading him if he continues to be a mid-level pitcher this year before Scott Boras's contract negotiations start to come into play.

Hopefully, no matter what happens, Cease finds a way to kick it into another gear so he can help the White Sox get back in this thing.