3 White Sox players who could sneak onto the 40-man roster by Opening Day

Chicago White Sox v Seattle Mariners
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Sean Burke

Sean Burke is someone that could find his way on the 40-man this year.

Sean Burke is a young pitching prospect in the Chicago White Sox organization. He is a very talented pitcher with a great arm. He also has an incredible work ethic which is going to allow him to become a great player in this league.

Burke has already started to ascend through the White Sox organization which is great news for him. He is someone that should eventually get a chance to pitch in the big leagues. A big spring this year could start him off in a good spot.

This is not a player that is going to make the Opening Day MLB roster but there is a chance that he finds a way to sneak onto the 40-man roster with a big spring. If that happens, there is a chance that he makes his MLB debut at some point this season.

Burke is a good player that has the talent to find a way to make an impact on the organization this year. Regardless of what level he plays at this season, people should be really excited about what he might be able to bring to the table this year. He should be tons of fun to watch in spring training.