3 White Sox players who could sneak onto the 40-man roster by Opening Day

Chicago White Sox v Seattle Mariners
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Jake Marisnick

Jake Marisnick is at spring training and he could be on the White Sox.

The Chicago White Sox brought Jake Marisnick to camp this season. He is getting a shot with them at spring training which is big for him. He has an opportunity to stick with another MLB team following a really nice Major League career so far.

Marisnick could end up being, like Billy Hamilton, a decent fourth outfielder option for the White Sox this season. He has been a good player in his Major League career and deserves this opportunity.

Marisnick may be willing to play in AAA but he might ask to be released if that is going to be the case with the White Sox. Either way, there is a decent chance that he ends up sneaking onto the 40-man roster. He needs to have a good spring in order to do so.

The Chicago White Sox are smart for giving as many people a chance as possible. With the way this team gets injured, it is smart to have as many good players on the 40 man as possible.

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