3 White Sox players who don't deserve to be back in 2024

Kansas City Royals v Chicago White Sox
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2. Trayce Thompson

The Chicago White Sox don't need to have Trayce Thompson anymore.

The Chicago White Sox brought back Trayce Thompson this season. Unfortunately, he is not the player that is going to help them win games.

He wasn't very good in his first stint with the White Sox but he was pretty good in a few different seasons with other teams across the league.

When the White Sox brought him back, it was specifically for trade purposes and not because anyone thought that he was going to help them in the long-term.

Thompson is arbitration-eligible in 2024 but there is no reason to keep him around. They need to let him walk and move on.

There are better options for this team. Even though they likely won't be a winner, they will certainly be a team that has younger players who deserve playing time more.