3 White Sox players who don't deserve to be back in 2024

Kansas City Royals v Chicago White Sox
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3. Lenyn Sosa

The White Sox shouldn't keep players on their roster if they aren't good.

The Chicago White Sox have failed a lot of prospects over the last few years. One of them is Lenyn Sosa who has been nothing short of a disaster since making his MLB debut.

The White Sox called him up from AA in 2022 and he was terrible so they sent him back down to AAA. Usually, it is hard to jump two levels like that.

This season, he has spent time with AAA Charlotte and MLB Chicago and it hasn't gone all that well for him. Just because he is a former top prospect doesn't mean he should just automatically be on the team again in 2024.

Out of everyone on this list, he is the most likely to get another chance because of his status as a young player but he doesn't deserve it.

Moving on from guys like Sosa (when they clearly aren't good) is how this team can start to turn things around. Hopefully, Getz is smarter than that.

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