3 White Sox players who have already improved their trade value

Los Angeles Dodgers v Chicago White Sox
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The Chicago White Sox are out there in Arizona getting ready for the 2023 season. They are trying to bounce back from what was a very disappointing 2022 season in which they failed to meet all expectations.

Now, they are still trying to improve their team even though they have already started the exhibition season. They made a few moves during the off-season but they aren't even close to being good enough to claim they are done.

In order to get better, they might need to make another move before Opening Day. In order to do that, they might need to make a trade.

There are some players on the roster right now that they can move for other help across the league. A few of them have improved their trade stock in the short time that spring training exhibition games have been going on. These three players lead the pack:

1. Jake Burger

Jake Burger deserves a chance to play a full season the big leagues.

Jake Burger has been red hot to start spring training games. He might not even have come into this considered a bench piece for this team. He felt bound for AAA Charlotte but it is going to be hard to send him down if he keeps hitting as well as he is.

Burger is just below average at almost every defensive position that he has tried in the big leagues. That does limit him a little bit which is something the White Sox might not have enough room for with Andrew Vaughn, Eloy Jimenez, Gavin Sheets, and Yasmani Grandal in the mix.

Going to another team would significantly increase his chances of becoming a good designated hitter in this league. He might be able to return the Sox a good player as well.