3 White Sox players who have already improved their trade value

Los Angeles Dodgers v Chicago White Sox
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2. Gavin Sheets

Gavin Sheets might be in a very similar boat to Jake Burger right now.

Jake Burger and Gavin Sheets have both been connected for a long time now. They were both dominating AAA in a somewhat surprising fashion during the 2021 season. They were each called up at different times that year and have been making an impact ever since.

Both have been called up, sent back down, and called up again since their first-ever call-up but that is because of the depth the White Sox had at those times. Now, it seems like there might be a tad bit more room but they are very similar.

One thing that might make Sheets more appealing is the fact that he is a left-handed hitter. He brings a ton of power which is something another team in the league might want.

If they can get a pitcher or something else that they can use for equal value, they might want to do so. With how Sheets has performed at the plate so far this year, that is certainly a possibility.