3 White Sox players who have already improved their trade value

Los Angeles Dodgers v Chicago White Sox
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3. Lucas Giolito

Lucas Giolito may get traded if things aren't going well for the team.

The Chicago White Sox are either going to bounce-back or be the same mediocre team that they were in 2022. It is almost better to be straight up bad than mediocre because if you are bad, you can get better prospects through the draft and there is less pressure.

Well, if the White Sox are mediocre, they should consider trading Lucas Giolito if he is performing well on a personal level. So far in spring training, he has to have improved his trade value just by talking and showing off his new mechanics.

When he starts to get into games regularly, he might start to look even better. His struggles in 2022 were a large reason for the team underperforming as a whole. This year, he'd like to be better and lift them up.

With an interesting contract extension needed soon, he needs to be good or be gone after this year. They aren't going to pay a mediocre pitcher a lot of money for what he did from 2019-2021. Hopefully, the resolution (regardless of the direction) helps the Sox.

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