3 White Sox players who'll will be better in 2023 and 2 who won't

Cleveland Guardians v Chicago White Sox
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Better - Yasmani Grandal

The White Sox don't pay Yasmani Grandal all that money to be that bad.

Until Andrew Benintendi signed his contract this off-season, Yasmani Grandal was the highest paid player in the history of the franchise. Of course, they need Benintendi to live up to it too but that doesn't mean that Grandal is not still a nicely paid player.

The White Sox need so much more out of him. Listen, he was MVP-caliber in the second half of 2021. It might be impossible for him to be as good as he was for that run but it also might be impossible to be as bad as he was last year. He really has no other option other than to be better.

Grandal was one of the best catchers of his era and you can claim that he was the number one best. However, he didn't play like it in 2022. He is getting older so you don't need him to be the best anymore. At this point, the Sox would just take a mediocre season out of him.

Having a mediocre season would make him "better than last year" which is all they need and why he makes this part of the list. He can hit for power and draw lots of walks which will help the offense if he gets back to it. He has a chance here to prove a lot of people wrong.