3 White Sox players who'll will be better in 2023 and 2 who won't

Cleveland Guardians v Chicago White Sox
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Not Better - Joe Kelly

Don't expect much from Chicago White Sox pitcher Joe Kelly this year.

Joe Kelly was a big free agent signing that the Chicago White Sox made last year. Unfortunately, he was just terrible for them during the entire 2022 season. He missed the first portion of the season due to an off-season injury that he was recovering from.

Unfortunately for him, he came back and was just terrible. His stuff was there as he still managed to have a good strikeout rate but he became a batting practice pitcher more often than not for the White Sox. To say that his contract is rather disappointing would be a complete understatement.

Kelly is an incredibly experienced and accomplished pitcher. He has won the World Series with two different organizations (Red Sox and Dodgers). He might bring good playoff experience for this group but you have to get there in order to make use of that and he didn't help them in that regard.

Maybe Kelly will prove everyone wrong and his injury troubles were the issue last year. He has great stuff, as mentioned before, but his command was absolutely terrible.

You know he is having an off-season loaded with practice so he can try and be good again but it doesn't feel likely. Again, everyone hopes that they are wrong about him because a good Joe Kelly would really help this bullpen succeed.