3 White Sox players who took an unfortunate step back in 2023

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
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3. Tim Anderson

The Chicago White Sox need more from Tim Anderson going forward.

Of course, the White Sox can only get more from Tim Anderson if he is on the team beyond this off-season. With the way that 2023 went for him, that is not a sure thing.

In fact, there were tons of rumors that he'd be let go ahead of the trade deadline but they weren't able to find a trade partner. There is all off-season for that to happen.

Anderson went from being the face of the franchise to one of the most questionable players on the team. He has simply not played well for most of the year. There have been points where he looked like the old Tim but it never lasted.

He enters the weekend with a .600 OPS which is absolutely horrible. He isn't a power guy but he needs a better OPS than that and he needs more than one home run. He only has 25 RBIs and 51 runs scored. That is pathetic for a player of his caliber.

All of these guys are players that the White Sox will likely have back in 2024 but they don't necessarily deserve it. We will see what they are able to do going forward to make up for this horrific season.

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