3 White Sox players worth 100 million dollars or more

Kansas City Royals v Chicago White Sox
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Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson is a very important player for the White Sox organization.

The Chicago White Sox have a very good shortstop in Tim Anderson. He can always work on his defensive game a little bit but they don't need him to be a Gold Glove winner out there. They just need him to be solid enough to complement how good of a hitter he is.

We have seen moments of greatness from Anderson on the field. The highlight so far is his walk-off home run at the Field of Dreams on the national stage with the whole baseball world watching. He has a knack for the dramatics and it showed well in this one.

Anderson is considered to be a leader on the club as well. When he is there, he is the leadoff man that drives the bus for this team in every way. He is a leader for this team both on and off the field. The things he does for the community are incredible as well as his great play.

An injury took the second half of Anderson's season away in 2022 but he is a mostly healthy player otherwise. When it is time for him to get paid, it is almost certain that a 100-plus million-dollar contract will be needed for him to stick around.

The White Sox should absolutely be paying something like that for their franchise shortstop. This is a player that you can't be cheap on.