3 White Sox players worth 100 million dollars or more

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Michael Kopech

Michael Kopech has the talent to do something very special one day.

This one is mostly a projection. Michael Kopech is as talented as any pitcher to ever come through the White Sox organization. He could be as good as Chris Sale from the right side if things go well for him health-wise. Dylan Cease is the ace of the staff right now but Kopech's ceiling is just as high.

He had to have Tommy Johny at the end of 2018 which wiped out the rest of that season and all of 2019. He also opted out of the 60-game COVID-19 2020 season so he didn't come back until 2021. That year, he was outstanding out of the bullpen as the team eased him back into things.

In 2022, he worked his way back to being a starter for the White Sox. He had his ups and his downs but he showed moments of brilliance which is why he could absolutely be the ace of an MLB staff one day. His stuff is so good when he is on that he becomes virtually impossible to hit.

If he can find a way to stay healthy for long periods of time in a row now, he should be able to continue his development. If he reaches that potential, he might be worth a lot more than 100 million. Kopech with Dylan Cease could end up being a lethal 1-2 punch. If Lucas Giolito bounces back, watch out.

To be honest, it is hard to see the White Sox pay any of these guys what they are worth if it comes down to it. A different team is much more likely to pay them for their services which is very scary to think about. Hopefully, the Sox are able to change the narrative sometime soon.

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