3 White Sox playing their way off of the Opening Day roster in spring training

Cleveland Guardians v Chicago White Sox
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Billy Hamilton

Billy Hamilton's chances of making the White Sox might be slim.

Long known as one of the fastest baseball players of all time, Hamilton has also added "worst hitter of all-time" to his resumé. He played 71 games for the White Sox back in 2021 and had an OPS+ of 66 with a .220 average and a walk-to-strikeout ratio of 4:47.

Last year, his combined OPS+ between the Marlins and Twins was -43, thanks in part to his one-for-20 batting line.

Back in Chicago on a minor league deal, Hamilton has continued to put on a horrendous offensive showing. He has made it into 18 spring games and is three-for-27, good for a batting average of .047. Sure, there's a possibility he can provide value on the bases and in the outfield, but with a bat this bad, there's no chance he sniffs the major leagues.

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