3 White Sox prospects that should get a September call-up

Chicago White Sox v Toronto Blue Jays
Chicago White Sox v Toronto Blue Jays / Vaughn Ridley/GettyImages
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There is a lot of focus around the fact that the Chicago White Sox are not a very good baseball team. That might not always be the best thing to do as a fan though.

Yes, it is all true. This team stinks. But we have to hope that some change comes from this horrible season.

Part of the change would be seeing some of the talent that they have in the minors get a shot in Major League Baseball.

With rosters set to expand at the beginning of September, these three players should absolutely be called up to the big leagues:

1. Sean Burke

Sean Burke is someone that the Chicago White Sox should call up now.

Sean Burke has been in the Chicago White Sox system for a long time. He was high up on their prospect list at one point but has slipped.

As of right now, he is their number 15 guy. He is not having a very good year in AAA at all as he is 1-4 in 9 starts. His ERA is over 7 too which is not very good at all.

At this point, the White Sox might want to consider bringing him up and seeing if he is one of those guys that just figures it out when he reaches the big leagues. If he can't make it work, you might have your long term answer on him.

At 23 years old, anything could happen but getting him a look at the Major League level could help him.

Even if he goes back to AAA after a few appearances with the White Sox, he might have some newfound confidence.

Burke is a great kid and it would be nice to see it work out in the end.