3 White Sox prospects who should not get a September call-up

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2. Noah Schultz

Noah Schultz has been an impressive minor leaguer in 2023.

Noah Schultz was another high draft pick for the Chicago White Sox. He is still only in A ball so he was never going to make his MLB debut this season but it must be said that he definitely should not be getting a September call-up.

He probably shouldn't be anywhere near this team for the next few years. It would be best for his career to see him play at every level in the minor leagues.

The White Sox, hopefully, will be a completely different-looking team by the time he is Major League ready. It will be fun to watch him ascend through the minors in the meantime.

If they want to let him move on to AA to end the season, that would be fine but they should also make sure that he is comfortable down the stretch.

Of course, he is the team's number two prospect so they can't make any mistakes with him. He is also a top-100 prospect (65) so the league has high regard for him as well.

Thank goodness he is still in A ball because the team won't get any funny ideas to try and save a job or two.