3 White Sox prospects who should not get a September call-up

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3. Edgar Quero

Edgar Quero has no business on this bad White Sox team right now.

The Chicago White Sox are an impressively bad team. They should be very careful with how they handle what good prospects they do have now.

Edgar Quero was a trade deadline acquired prospect that they have high hopes for. He is currently seen as the team's number three guy and he is currently playing in AA.

Quero is also a top-100 prospect right now (86) so there are big things expected of him. The White Sox love promoting guys straight from AA lately but he must not come to the league right now.

Like the previous two, if they want to promote him a level in September that is fine but he is not ready for the big leagues. The White Sox are also not ready for him.

Yasmani Grandal and Seby Zavala should just finish the year behind the plate and Quero can take over when he is truly ready. There is no reason to put him around all of the bad vibes surrounding this team. That goes for every top prospect in this organization.

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