3 White Sox prospects that could be on the 2023 roster

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2. Yoelqui Cespedes

Yoelqui Cespedes might be able to fit in well on the Chicago White Sox.

Yoelqui Cespedes is someone that wants to be a Major League Baseball player. Of course, his brother Yoenis Cespedes was in the league for a long time and was even an All-Star caliber player there for a while. He'd like to have a similar career one day.

Yelqui has moved down the White Sox farm rankings over the last few years which is a bit worrisome but he still has a good chance to at least make it up one time. This is a guy that has shown the tools necessary to be a Major League player at some point down the road.

The Chicago White Sox would love for this kid to be on their Opening Day roster. That would mean that he was brilliant during spring training and earned the right to be there which is obviously a good thing. He is also a bit older than most of the other prospects at this point so he is going to get his shot eventually.

The White Sox could use some depth in the outfield which is a result of bad injury luck and so that they don't have to use first basemen for that job anymore.

Someone like Cespedes has to be near the front of the line of people who will get the chance to be there even as a fourth outfielder. There is no doubt that having someone like him there would be really cool to see.