3 White Sox prospects that could be on the 2023 roster

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1. Oscar Colas

It is possible that Oscar Colas is on the White Sox Opening Day roster.

The Chicago White Sox are in an interesting spot with their outfield. Eloy Jimenez is there but it would be ideal to have him be the DH. Gavin Sheets and Andrew Vaughn are there but it would be best to keep the first basemen away from that spot. Both AJ Pollock and Adam Engel are gone.

That just about leaves Luis Robert as the only lock to play in the outfield. Of course, the White Sox needs to address it. One of the best bets is that Oscar Colas will be the starting outfielder on Opening Day of the 2023 season.

As long as he is healthy and good during spring training, you can almost guarantee it. Would it be nice to add some free agents? Yes. However, the White Sox are so much more likely to go the route of the prospect playing first.

Landing Colas in international free agency was a big deal and he was great during his ascension through the minor league system but there is always a risk with any prospect. The White Sox are supposed to be a contender so we will see if this is the route that they go down.

If it is, they will certainly do something about it if it doesn't work out well. He is a good player though and it should be exciting whenever he does make that MLB debut but you can expect it to come on Opening Day 2023. Hopefully, all of these guys make an impact at some point.

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