3 White Sox prospects that should be untouchable at the trade deadline

Whether the White Sox are buyers or sellers at the Trade Deadline, there are apparent players that the organization should not even think about dealing.
Chicago White Sox v Tampa Bay Rays
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2. Colson Montgomery

The 21-year-old is currently in Single-A ball but this is a player that is capable of being the next big thing on the south side of Chicago.

Colson Montgomery, out of Southridge High School, is currently batting .404 for the Cannonballers with a 1.207 OPS. He is also currently on a ten-game hitting streak and he has slashed .500/.612/.737 during that time.

Although he's only had 57 at-bats, his potential has been promising for a while now. Many people think he will be considered as the White Sox's next long-term shortstop.

There's no estimate on when his opportunity in the majors will arrive but if he continues to splurge on baseballs consistently, his way through the minors may be quicker than expected.

The White Sox would be doing the organization a disservice if they dealt Montgomery as they would be losing a significant shortstop with all-star-worthy potential.