3 White Sox prospects that should be untouchable at the trade deadline

Whether the White Sox are buyers or sellers at the Trade Deadline, there are apparent players that the organization should not even think about dealing.
Chicago White Sox v Tampa Bay Rays
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3. Noah Schultz

Schultz was the organization's first-round draft pick last year and it's safe to say they hit the jackpot. He has been lights out in Single-A ball this season and is giving every White Sox fan something to brag about.

With Chris Sale/Randy Johnson comparisons written all over him, Schultz is someone who can cruise through the minor leagues and be a pivotal part of the White Sox's starting rotation sooner rather than later.

The White Sox should listen to absolutely nothing when it comes to trading him away, considering he has the most upside of any White Sox pitching prospect in quite some time.

Not many folks respect the White Sox farm system but that doesn't mean that there are some really good players there. Trading any of them right now is not a good idea, especially the three mentioned here. At the end of the day, we just want the White Sox to start winning again.

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