3 White Sox prospects to trade before spring training begins

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Noah Schultz

Noah Schultz is good but it is going to be a while before he sees the MLB.

The Chicago White Sox have some good prospects. There are a lot of people who rip on their farm system but there are going to be some MLB players that come out of this group. They aren't the highest of graded players at this point but the upside is certainly there.

Noah Schultz is one of those players. He was the first pick in the draft for the Chicago White Sox in the 2022 MLB Draft. He was taken out of high school which is something that the White Sox almost never do. They went 21 years without drafting a high school pitcher in the first round.

Schultz is going to be a good professional pitcher and he is going to be given every opportunity to make it to the Major Leagues one day. The White Sox would love to see him end up in their uniform making starts for them. After being a first-round pick, that is certainly possible.

However, there might be a team that sees his potential and goes after him if the White Sox want to make a move that makes them better right now. It is going to be a while before we see Schultz in the big leagues. The White Sox are trying to win now and a trade like this might help that happen.